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Ontario Youth Film Fest

We are a non-profit organization for youth filmmakers open to all students registered in high school across Ontario. A great place to learn, create and grow, the Ontario Youth Film Festival, along with our partner regional festivals, works to nurture the development of young aspiring filmmakers. We celebrate, inspire, and promote the future storytellers of Ontario.

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Youth Filmmaking 101: Making Student Films (French)

If your students are curious about professional pathways into the film industry, they won’t want to miss this seminar. Listen to advice and anecdotes from student filmmaker Arnaud Weissenburger who will discuss how he made his first short film, how he overcame various challenges along the way, and what his life was like during film school at a Toronto university.
DATE: April 20 at 11:00AM EST

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OYFF School Board Memberships

An affordable online portal for informative virtual seminars and resources to help Ontario school boards teach students the fundamental skills of digital storytelling for class and future career opportunities. Filmmaking is a vehicle to allow students to put into practice: problem solving, innovation, self-directed learning, collaboration, global citizenship, and critical thinking skills.

What’s available to Educators?

  • Access to our 21 past virtual seminars with some teaching plans
  • Resources, handouts, and links to help educators incorporate digital storytelling into the classroom
  • Access to upcoming exclusive virtual seminars including live Q&As with film industry professionals

Who is this for?

The skill of digital storytelling can be used across an array of subjects. We propose using video projects in a variety of classes including English, Drama, Geography, History, Social Sciences, and Languages!

Youth Filmmaking 101 Virtual Seminars

Ontario Youth Film Festival’s virtual interactive seminars give high schoolers and aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of filmmaking from industry experts, student filmmakers and post-secondary educators, with additional focus on career opportunities.

Why our seminars?

  • Interactive with live Q&A sessions
  • Suitable for in-class or remote learning
  • Seminars feature award-winning student filmmakers and industry experts
  • Allow for creativity, self-expression, and entrepreneurship
  • Inspire students to submit their films to regional youth film festivals
  • P.D. seminars for educators

This experience provides authentic and engaging opportunities for students to:

  1. Actively participate (What?)
  2. Reflect to derive meaning (So what?)
  3. Apply learning to influence next steps (Now what?)

Interested in a membership?

  • Get access to our Educators Portal that includes teacher resources, links, and the Seminar Library
  • Exclusive access to YouTube seminars with live Q&As
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