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Looking for Filmmaking Seminars for Your Students?

The portal has over 12 hours of Youth Filmmaking 101 content, conveniently organized into bite-size video lessons (10-20 minutes long) that can be shown in a classroom setting. Many video lessons have additional resources such as lesson summaries and links to vetted third-party sites that go deeper into the given topic.

We are continually adding new seminar content and new resources. Each year, we enlist the support of industry experts and student filmmakers for our Spring and Fall seminar series. This new material migrates to the portal, where it lives on in perpetuity.

Searching for Webinars on How to Teach Filmmaking?

Our Teacher Webinars provide you with tips and techniques for instructing your students in the art and craft of digital filmmaking. They cover the best practices for in-class instruction in three areas:

  • Pre-Production (generating story ideas, writing scripts, planning shots, etc.) 
  • Production (lighting a set, capturing quality sound, directing actors, etc.)  
  • Post-Production (digital editing, sound design, film-festival submissions, etc.)

Best of all? Our webinars are provided by teachers who’ve walked the walk and talked the talk. And like our seminars, we stream new Teacher Webinars every year and upload them to the portal.

Hoping to Connect with Other Educators?

Our Teachers’ Lounge serves as an online community where educators can share their ideas and resources. Imagine being able to canvass teachers from across Ontario for tips on introducing video essays in your History class. Or for a teaching rubric for a course on stop-motion animation. Or for a project  template that will take your students from outlining a simple story to entering a completed short film in a festival.  

The Teachers’ Lounge also provides the OYFF with another avenue of communication for sending you updates and notifications about new seminars, upcoming SHSM events and other info. Emails are great, but let’s face it; they aren’t always the best way reach a widely dispersed audience or share time-sensitive information.

A Screen Recording is Worth a Few Thousand Words

We could wax poetic about the portal all day long, but it’s easier to let you peek under the hood. Here’s a screen recording showing the various bells and whistles you’ll encounter when you’re a member.

A Word About Privacy

When it comes to the Educator’s Portal, privacy is paramount

We do not grant individual access to students, nor do we track their activity on the portal. Only teachers are granted access our password-protected site. 

While you can interact with other educators in the Teachers’ Lounge,  the contact information used to create your account (ie. your name, email address, school board, school, and the department in which you teach) is never shared unless you choose to share it. To be perfectly clear, the OYFF will never share your account-creation info with another educator — even if you tell us it’s okay to do so. If you want to pass along your email addy to someone else, you’ll have to do it yourself

Check out our complete privacy policy here.

OYFF Membership Benefits

Unlimited access to the Educators’ Portal and Teachers’ Lounge is included in your OYFF Membership. For an annual fee of only $200 per district high school or $350 per district SHSM stream, school boards can access our full suite of educational programs and other benefits. 

We think you’ll agree this represents excellent value for your school board, teachers and students!

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