OYFF Membership provides an exceptional interdisciplinary opportunity for Ontario high school educators and students. It is designed to not only support the future of the film industry in Ontario, but also impart an array of essential skills that will help students succeed in any chosen career path.

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is informational only. It is not a legal document and does not imply or represent a binding contract between the Ontario Youth Film Festival (OYFF) (“Organization”) and its Member School Boards (“Members”). 

Scope of the Agreement

The Organization agrees to provide the following benefits to the Members:

  • Registration for exclusive, interactive Youth Filmmaking 101 seminars featuring industry experts, post-secondary educators and student filmmakers
  • Registration for exclusive, interactive Teacher Webinars featuring instructional techniques for teaching filmmaking in the classroom
  • Discounts on Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) events ($40 per student vs. $60 per student for non-members)
  • Entry-fee waivers (where applicable) for every high school student who wishes to submit to the Ontario Youth Film Festival and its regional partner festivals
  • Online access to the Educators’ Portal and its suite of instructional resources, including the Teachers’ Lounge

In return for these benefits, the Member commits to the following:

  • Pay the Organization an annual membership fee of CAD$200 per high school within their district or CAD$350 per Arts & Culture/Information and Communications Technology SHSM stream within their district
  • Promptly and widely communicate the benefits of this agreement with relevant educators within their district
  • Promptly and widely distribute any time-sensitive announcements from the Organization to relevant educators within their district

To assist in the effective implementation of this agreement, the Organization and Member commit to the following:

  • Scheduling at least TWO meetings (via Zoom or in-person) at a mutually agreeable time during the agreement period in order to: 
    • Review participation rates and available usage data across the aforementioned benefits to identify challenges and opportunities
    • Review any other metrics that may improve user experience
  • Identifying by mutual agreement the mandatory attendees of the meetings
  • Providing contact information for at least TWO Points of Contact (POCs)
  • Designating one POC as the Primary PoC and the other(s) as Alternate POC(s)

Additionally, each Member’s POCs commit to test and verify, to the extent allowable under the Member’s cybersecurity policy, the following:

  • The Organization’s email addresses are whitelisted
  • The Organization’s email attachments are capable of being received (ie. aren’t blocked by Member’s cybersecurity policy)
  • The Organization’s live-stream events and other video-based instructional assets hosted by third-party sites aren’t blocked or otherwise made unavailable to educators 


Period Covered by the Membership Agreement

The annual Membership Agreement typically covers the period from July 1st to June 30th in a given year unless otherwise stipulated by mutual agreement in writing and acknowledged by both parties. Any amendments to the agreement’s scope may also be made by mutual agreement in writing and acknowledged by both parties at any time during the period.