Providing Ontario educators the tools to teach the fundamental skills of digital filmmaking.

Youth 101 Filmmaking Seminars

We offer member school boards new seminars every year, typically divided into a Spring program (live-streamed in April) and a Fall program (live-streamed in November). 

Our seminars feature industry professionals (directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, etc.) and cover a wide range of filmmaking topics in pre-production, production and post-production, as well as careers in film and television. Check out the samples below.

Sample seminar from our Pre-Production Module.

Sample seminar from our Production Module.

Teacher Webinars

Our annual teacher webinars for educators provide tips and techniques for instructing students in the art and craft of digital filmmaking. We call this Teaching the Teachers.

Our webinars cover the best practices for in-class instruction in three areas:

  • Pre-Production (generating story ideas, writing scripts, planning shots, etc.) 
  • Production (lighting a set, capturing quality sound, directing actors, etc.)  
  • Post-Production (digital editing, sound design, film-festival submissions, etc.)  

Sample Teacher Webinar.

Sample Teacher Webinar.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Events

In October 2022, we successfully ran a pilot “Working With Actors” SHSM event aimed at high school students in the Arts & Culture and Information & Communication Technology streams. The morning event featured three modules of instruction: 

  • Directing Actors 
  • Lighting and Camera with Actors 
  • Recording Sound with Actors 

The pilot’s success proved there is a powerful appetite for in-person instruction that affords students the opportunity for interactive learning and the chance to meet with industry professionals. Our plan for 2024 and beyond is to take the “Working With Actors” SHSM on the road, offering the opportunity to school boards throughout the province.

Member school boards receive a significant per-student discount on our SHSM events. The savings from this benefit alone could offset your annual OYFF membership fee.

Scene from the Directing Actors module.

Scene from the Recording Sound with Actors module.

Educators' Portal

The Educators’ Portal provides teachers in member school boards with easy online access to our growing library of legacy Youth 101 Seminars. The portal also includes downloadable resources such as lesson summaries, links to additional resources and more.

The Educators’ Portal also features a Teachers’ Lounge where educators can share ideas and resources, as well as receive updates and notifications about new seminars, upcoming SHSM events and other timely info.

Screenshot from the portal’s Pre-Production module.

Screenshot from the Careers in Film: Directing seminar’s Q&A session.


Membership has its privileges... and benefits!

We believe every high school student should have the opportunity to learn about filmmaking and reap the substantial rewards it has to offer. But you could say we’re kind of biased. You may be wondering “Why should I introduce filmmaking instruction in my school board or classroom?” It’s a fair question.

Why Teach Filmmaking?

Ontario’s Film and TV industry is booming! According to Ontario Creates, the province saw $3.15 billion in production spending across 419 productions in 2022. This marked the second year in a row that Ontario experienced record-breaking production.

While we’d love to help you help your students transition into rewarding careers in this vibrant industry, our educational programs will benefit every student – even those who aren’t striving to become the next Denis Villeneuve or Sarah Polley. 

Filmmaking is the ideal creative pursuit for strengthening a wide array of essential skills such as:

  • Problem Solving and Leadership
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Creativity and Adaptability

Today’s employers are seeking these skills. These are also skills that will serve students well throughout their lives, regardless of their chosen career path.

Filmmaking instruction is well-suited for Ontario’s Secondary School curriculum. Our educational programs can complement your instruction in a wide range of courses offered in:

  • The Arts
  • English
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Technological Education
  • Canadian and World Studies
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Best of all, your students are already video savvy thanks to their love for platforms like TikTok and YouTube and they have most everything they need to produce high-quality short films on their smartphones. They simply need some creative direction, educational support and reach-ahead opportunities to take their passion to the next level – and that’s where we come in!

Two OYFF Membership Plans

Our membership plans allow school boards to tailor their participation to best suits their needs. Both plans provide annual access to our full suite of educational programs and other benefits, including:

  • Exclusive Youth Filmmaking 101 Seminars
  • Exclusive Teacher Webinars
  • Significant Discounts on SHSM Events
  • Online Access to the Educators’ Portal and Teachers’ Lounge
  • Fee Waivers for Entering Partnering Regional Festivals (where applicable)

1. SHSM Stream Plan

This plan enrolls every high school within a participating school board with an Arts & Culture (A&C) and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) SHSM stream. These streams are a natural fit for the educational programs and benefits of an OYFF membership. The annual fee under this plan is $350 per A&C and ICT SHSM stream

2. All-In Plan

This plan enrolls every high school within a participating district. It offers equality of access and opportunity, and affords students at schools without SHSM streams the chance to obtain first-class filmmaking instruction. The annual fee under this plan is $200 per district high school.

Compare & Contrast Our Plans

School Board A has 12 high schools in its district. Eight schools offer both the A&C and ICT streams for a total of 16 SHSM streams. Under our two plans, School Board A’s annual membership fee options would be:

SHSM Stream Plan

16 SHSM streams x $350 per stream = $5600

All-In Plan

12 high schools x $200 per school = $2400

In this case, School Board A can opt to provide access to every high school in its district and do so for a lower annual fee.

School Board B has 27 high schools in its district. Twelve schools offer the A&C or ICT SHSM stream for a total of 12 SHSM streams. Under our two plans, School Board B’s annual membership fee options would be:

SHSM Stream Plan

12 SHSM streams x $350 per stream = $4200

All-In Plan

27 high schools x $200 per school = $5400

In this case, School Board B can opt to limit program access to those high schools with SHSM streams and pay a lower annual fee.

Regardless of which plan better suits your needs, we think you’ll agree they both represent excellent value for your school board, teachers and students!

The Next Step

If you’ve seen enough, click the button below to request a meeting with our team! Or keep scrolling to check out some testimonials and some Frequently Asked Questions.


“Seeing my film being played among so many other awesome works was very inspiring! It’s super cool to see how other student filmmakers in Ontario are working to make their movies come to life, especially in the wake of the pandemic.”
A Student Filmmaker 
“If I hadn’t heard of the festival, I probably would not have even tried filmmaking, and now I really like it!”
A Student Filmmaker
“Festivals can open up incredible opportunities. Having your artwork appreciated by people, especially people who are in your field, is an incredible experience!”
A Student Filmmaker
“Congratulations to the OYFF for creating such a great forum for our youth to display their creative talents. Good on you!”
Parent of a Student Filmmaker


Your school board must be a OYFF member to access our educational programs. Check with your board’s Experiential Learning Lead or SHSM representative to see if you’re already a member.

We enter into membership agreements with school boards rather than individual schools or individual teachers, so please contact your Experiential Learning Lead or suitable board rep.  

Absolutely! We’d love to reach out to your board on your behalf. Visit the “Contact Us” section or click “Request Access” in the Educators’ Portal tab and send us a request.

The OYFF Membership period  typically runs from July 1st to June 30th. It renews annually, but not automatically. 

Any teacher who belongs to a member school board can participate in the OYFF’s educational programs. Teachers at non-member school boards can participate in our SHSM events, but do not receive a per-student discount.

Not at all! In fact, word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to promote the OYFF’s educational programs and membership benefits.

Absolutely! We’ve done presentations for Comm Tech teachers and Arts teachers, typically on P.D. Days at the invitation of various boards. It’s a great way to meet face-to-face with educators!

We’re developing relationships with industry professionals who can mentor student filmmakers. These mentorship opportunities would be offered to exceptional students who want to work in the film and TV industry.

A World of Possibilities Awaits Your Students

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