with Ethan Hickey, Xavier Wehrli and Queena Liu

Join us for three amazing short films and a Q&A! Ethan, Xavier and Queena are award-winning young filmmakers and Forest City Youth Film Festival (FCYFF) alumni. This event will screen three of their shorts—all of which were selected for this year’s Forest City Film Festival. A Q&A with the three directors will be moderated by two student filmmakers.

Date: Thursday October 19th

Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm

Location: Wolf Performance Hall, London ON

Cost: $10 per student (non-OYFF Members) or $5 per student (OYFF Members)

Ethan Hickey

We’re screening Ethan’s short film, FALSEHOOD.  


Lee Harvey Oswald’s memory from the day he assassinated John F. Kennedy is up for grabs on the black market in this sci-fi thriller.

Ethan’s Bio

Ethan was born and raised in London, Ontario. From a young age, he had a passion for story telling. He’s been writing and directing his own short films since 2014. He also participated in the inaugural Forest City Youth Film Festival (FCYFF) and continued throughout high school. Ethan attended Western University for Film, all while producing his short films BURDEN I and BURDEN II. Last year, his first feature film, BURDEN, debuted at the Forest City Film Festival and won the Audience Choice Award.

Xavier Wehrli

We’re screening Xavier’s short film, The Fall.

The Fall Synopsis 

An experimental documentary juxtaposing the natural beauty of Niagara Falls with its colossal tourism industry.

Xavier’s Bio

Xavier was born and raised in London, Ontario. He attended Central High School and the BealART program, where he was introduced to film. Currently, Xavier attends Toronto Metropolitan University for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematography and Film/Video Production. Xavier is an alumni for both the Forest City Youth Film Festival (FCYFF) and Forest City Film Festival (FCFF). This year, Xavier had two of his films accepted to FCFF, Every Body Dies (short documentary) and The Fall (experimental film).

Queena Liu

We’re screening Queena’s short film, Uproot.

Uproot Synopsis

Ten years ago, the director’s father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spent two years in and out of a psychiatric hospital. This film documents the director’s first time having an open conversation with her family about his diagnosis.

Queena’s Bio

Queena is a Chinese-Canadian director and cinematographer from London, Ontario, now based in Toronto. Growing up with a passion for music and visual arts, her filmmaking style draws from a diverse set of skills and inspiration. Her goal is to tell poetic and emotionally-resonant stories that reflect on personal experiences, community and intersecting identities. She’s currently completing a BFA in Film Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. Queena participated in the inaugural 2019 Forest City Youth Film Festival, winning Best Overall Film, and returned in the 2020 FCYFF, winning Best Experimental Film.